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Garden & Horticulture Services

Garden & Horticulture Services

We specialize in comprehensive landscape maintenance and garden care services for both commercial and residential properties. Our offerings encompass a range of tasks, such as lawn care, shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and fertilizing, hedge cutting and trimming, and various other services aimed at ensuring your garden remains in optimal condition.

Key Features:

  • We tailor planting schemes to meet specific preferences and layouts, providing options from basic designs to more intricate layouts. Our services include the supply of plants, planting, and initial feeding, taking into consideration factors like soil types, sunlight exposure, and the garden's aspect (sheltered or exposed).
  • We maintain all office plants and flowers, ensuring healthy growth standards with appropriate height and form, and pruning in line with horticultural best practices.
  • Our approach involves the use of ground cover plants to minimize weeding, decorative plants to add year-round color and enhance the garden's shape and height. We prioritize creating a balanced soil environment essential for plant growth, incorporating water, air, and a variety of mineral nutrients. Our landscape irrigation methods adhere to good practices.
  • We keep detailed asset records for all plant specimens, documenting type, location, condition, and visit frequency for every plant on display at each location.
  • A dedicated team of trained experts is committed to maintaining the highest standards in both Hard and Soft Landscaping to meet all your horticultural needs.