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Baby Care Services

Baby Care Services

Are you in search of someone to nurture and care for your newborn, infant, or toddler? Welcoming a child into your life brings an array of responsibilities, and as proud parents of a precious bundle of joy, you are likely familiar with the unending list of tasks that come with it. Caring for a child can be exhausting, and parents often find themselves in need of an extra pair of hands. Enter Racoon Group.

We offer compassionate caregivers who are well-prepared to meet both the physical and emotional needs of your child. Your little one is as invaluable to us as they are to you, and you can trust that your child is in secure hands with Racoon Group nurses.

How We Approach It

Our team of nurses comprises healthcare professionals specially trained in understanding and attending to the needs of a young baby. Additionally, our nurses are skilled in fostering self-help abilities—such as dressing, toileting, washing, and eating—as soon as infants or toddlers exhibit signs of readiness.

Before assigning a nurse, we gather essential information about your child, including habits, preferences, daily routines, food allergies, bowel functions, and sleeping and eating behaviors. This information allows us to better comprehend your child's unique needs, enabling us to tailor a plan that includes a Feeding Plan and a Toilet Training Plan, along with any additional services required by the child. Ultimately, the happiness reflected in your tiny human's smile is our driving force at Racoon Group!