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Glass / Facade Cleaning Services

Glass / Facade Cleaning Services

Experience Top-Quality Glass / Facade Cleaning Services

India is no stranger to extreme weather conditions that can leave dust, wind, and rain taking a toll on building facades. For unparalleled and affordable facade cleaning services, look no further than Racoon Group, ensuring 100% guaranteed results.

Glass / Facade cleaning is not only time-consuming but also potentially hazardous, often prompting customers to overlook its necessity. However, neglecting facade maintenance can lead to gradual deterioration over time.

Why Opt for Glass / Facade Cleaning Services

Glass / Facades, being delicate materials, are susceptible to permanent damage if left unattended for prolonged periods. The surfaces are prone to scratches and easily accumulate dust, making cleaning a challenging task.

Glass / Facade cleaning is a specialized job requiring careful attention. Many nearby facade cleaning agencies use generic tools, risking damage to the facade's top layer.

Benefits of Choosing Us:

  • Racoon Group has over 10 years of experience in providing facade cleaning services, ensuring the job is done with expertise. We utilize specialized tools for effective facade cleaning.

  • Our agency boasts a knowledgeable team with technical know-how and extensive experience.

  • Racoon Group offers professional commercial glass/window washing, building soft washing, and high-pressure cleaning, guaranteeing a sparkling finish.

  • Our glass cleaning services encompass residential buildings, commercial businesses, schools, and medical facilities. We go beyond the standard services, addressing special requests to ensure customer satisfaction.

Types of Glass/Facades Cleaning Services:

  • Facade/Glass Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • House/Building Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Cement Removal
  • Builders Cleans

Choose Racoon Group for Superior Services:

Facade cleaning has the potential to redefine your property's appearance, capturing the attention of visitors. Contact us today through a call or email, and we'll be delighted to assist you with our top-notch services. Your satisfaction is our priority.