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Factory Cleaning

Factory Cleaning

Safeguard Your Personnel and Resources with Racoon Group

Your manufacturing facility plays a crucial role in your business operations, serving as the hub for storing and producing goods for your local community, region, and beyond. ServiceMaster Clean ensures that your facility maintains a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your staff, products, and equipment.

Tailored Cleaning Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Every warehouse facility presents distinct cleaning requirements based on factors such as its size, the nature of distribution, and the variety of products stored. Whether your facility is a food processing plant, a manufacturing unit, or a distribution center, Racoon Group dispatches its experts to assess your location and provide customized cleaning solutions. Whether you operate a single facility or multiple sites, our experts ensure consistent, high-quality cleaning across all areas.


  • Thorough cleaning and sanitation
  • Development of a customized schedule and service list, tailored to the facility's use, stored products, and staff presence
  • Utilization of specialized equipment for tasks like cleaning ceiling rafters and hard surface floors
  • Deployment of trained professional staff with expertise in handling pathogens and contamination, ensuring compliance with current health and safety regulations

Managing Multiple Facilities? Trust Racoon Group.

Equipped to manage multiple facilities across diverse locations in the United States and Canada, Racoon Group pledges to uphold our elevated standard of cleanliness in each facility. Our commitment is to facilitate the seamless operation of your business.

Expert Warehouse Deep Cleaning Services

Racoon Group extends professional warehouse deep cleaning services, dedicated to creating a hygienic and well-organized environment. Our expert team specializes in comprehensive industrial clean-up, delivering exceptional results that surpass expectations. With a wealth of experience in the field, we comprehend the unique challenges associated with warehouse cleaning, addressing tough stains, grease, and dirt.

Our meticulous approach covers all areas, including floors, walls, equipment, and storage spaces, leaving no corner untouched. Whether tasked with a factory cleaning project or addressing the needs of a large-scale warehouse, our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques to execute a thorough clean-up, ultimately enhancing productivity and safety within your workspace.